“We have used Hamstra for the last 10 years for all of our HVAC needs and never been disappointed. To take advantage of federal tax incentives, we decided to switch from a natural gas traditional furnace to an electric heat pump. We were also ready to part ways with the swamp cooler. Big John was aggressive about selling us a duct sealing service package, and I was reluctant, thinking it was a scam. Dust accumulation was a problem in our hose. Over the years I have learned to trust Big John and he said getting rid of the swamp cooler and sealing the duct work would make a difference. My wife and I are very pleased that we took his advice. The system runs much quieter, and much more efficiently we no longer have the dust issue in the house. Previous vents where we rarely felt heat or cool are are now sending air with much more strength to every corner of the house. Another detail is that we were also changing out the old 30 gallon tank water for a tankless on demand water heater using an independent plumbing service. Hamstra worked seamlessly with the plumbers schedule, so that both jobs could be completed in 3 days in a tiny utility closet. John’s typical motto is that Hamstra may not be the cheapest, but they will be the best. I cannot agree more. He answers the phone when I call.”

– Ron K.