Electrical Surges Can Shock Your Wallet

Image of outlet on fire. Electrical Surges Can Shock Your Wallet.

Monsoon season has arrived in Southern Arizona. Over the next three months, your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system will be at elevated risk for lightning strikes and power surges.

This annual weather occurrence, characterized by lightning, high winds, flash flooding, dust storms, and intense heat, runs from June 15 to Sept. 30 throughout the Southwest.

According to the National Weather Service, Arizona averages more than 500,000 lightning strikes during the monsoon. That translates into a half-million chances for a lightning bolt to hit a nearby power line or a transformer, spiking voltage and causing a power surge that could damage anything plugged into an outlet or wired you’re your electrical system.

Imagine losing your heating and cooling system in a split second. 

Hamstra Heating & Cooling, Inc., can spare you financial pain and emotional stress by installing surge protection in your Tucson home.  We recommend Intermatic’s AG 3000 to safeguard your ductless mini split, central air conditioner, heat pump, furnace, or boiler.

Our pros can install the device in just 10 minutes. You will gain peace of mind and feel confident knowing the AG 3000 will protect your HVAC system from potential power surges during the next monsoon thunderstorm. The green indicator light tells you the product is working. 

Unplugging During a Storm

It is a good idea to unplug unprotected appliances and electronics or turn off breakers and your thermostat as a thunderstorm approaches. You may be reluctant to shut everything down at home if rain has not begun to fall or weather radar shows the storm narrowly missing your location.

However, lightning can strike 10 miles from a thunderstorm. Even if it is not raining in Tucson, lightning could strike nearby electrical infrastructure causing a surge. Rather than take a bandage approach to surge protection during the monsoon, why not let our Hamstra Heating & Cooling experts protect your HVAC equipment?

What Causes a Power Surge?

Although lightning is abundant during the monsoon, it is not the only cause of power surges. Power surges can happen year-round and for various reasons.

A fallen tree limb on power lines, high winds, or a power grid failure can cause a power outage or blackout, temporarily cutting electricity to your home. When the utility company restores power, it can surge and damage your unprotected electrical devices and appliances.

Surges also can occur after a brownout. A brownout can happen when there is too much demand on the electrical supply, causing a voltage drop.  Your home receives power from the utility company at a reduced voltage. Your lights might flicker or run at reduced intensity. Some appliances might not run at all. The surge occurs when the utility company restores full power.

Overload on your home electrical system—putting too many appliances on one circuit— and faulty wiring also can cause surges.

Install Surge Protection Today

Why take chances with the heating and cooling equipment in your Tucson, AZ, home? Power surges always win out over unprotected equipment. Let us at Hamstra Heating & Cooling, Inc. install the AG 3000 for year-round protection. Call us at 520-629-9833 or request service online.

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