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Hamstra Heating & Cooling, Inc is your full service heating, ventilating and air conditioning company in Tucson, Arizona. Whatever your need, we can provide you with the right product, professionally installed and all at a fair price. Our reputation and quality workmanship is what our business is built upon. Just ask our customers! We are also proud to be classified as an award winning company by a consumer rated website. Call us today at (520) 629-9833 for prompt professional service unmatched in Tucson and Southern Arizona.

Heating & Air Conditioning Units

At Hamstra, we confidentially carry American Standard systems. Based on experience in the heating and cooling industry, the owners, engineers and service technicians of Hamstra Heating & Cooling agree that American Standard is the best from a quality and performance standpoint. Consumer reports and customers around the world agree.

Heating & A/C Duct Systems

We fabricate our own sheetmetal duct systems that are known throughout the industry for their quietness and performance. Our duct systems also include flexible vinyl (flex) duct that is some of the highest quality flex duct available.

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Products

At Hamstra we offer air quality products from Air Scrubber Plus, Honeywell, RGF Guardian and American Standard. We offer many products that assist in the purification of indoor air. Such products include improved filters, ultra violet lamps that kill mold that may form in an air conditioning unit, HEPA whole house filtration systems and electronic air cleaners.

Air Scrubber Plus
Are Your Allergies Killing You? Hamstra Can Help! While your heating & cooling system air filters can eliminate some of the allergens that come through your air ducts, they don’t do the whole job. If you’re interested in truly clean air in your home or office then watch this video about a new product we are offering. It’s the Air Scrubber Plus and it works to reduce contaminants and attack them on surfaces within your home! It is a non-toxic process and even reduces mold, cigarette smoke and other odor causing bacteria!

Ventilation Products

These products include exhaust fans from Broan and Panasonic as well as our own fabricated products for the ventilation of clothes dryers, kitchen hoods, exhaust fans, water heaters and indoor HVAC units.

AeroSeal Duct Sealing

Hamstra Heating & Cooling is the exclusive Tucson and Southern Arizona service provider of AeroSeal duct sealing. You would be shocked at much much heating and cooling escapes through your ductwork before it ever flows through your vents. That’s where AreoSeal comes to the rescue!

The patented AeroSeal diagnostic air duct system sealing process is the most effective, affordable, and viable method of sealing the central heating and cooling ductwork in your home. Energy Star recommends duct sealing as one of the most cost effective ways to improve your homes energy efficiency, thereby lowering your energy bills!

The AeroSeal process won the “Best of What’s New” award from Popular Science magazine, and the “Energy 100” award from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The DOE also rated the AeroSeal duct sealing process as one of the 23 most beneficial technologies available to American consumers that have come out since the agency was created.

Call Hamstra Heating & Cooling today at (520) 629-9833 to learn more about how our exclusive AeroSeal services and how AeroSeal can save you money and allow you to cool and heat your home more efficiently. Visit AeroSeal at www.aeroseal.com.

HVAC Duct System Designs

We sell duct system designs to builders, architects and other HVAC companies. Our duct systems are known in the industry for their superior performance, efficiency, quietness, and comfort. We have actually designed duct systems for the personal homes of competing HVAC company owners.

Custom Sheetmetal Work

We fabricate custom downspouts, gutters, scuppers, spiral duct, stainless steel kitchen hoods and metal flashing.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless systems are perfect fits for small additions, recreation rooms, garages, workshops or any space where a stand alone air conditioning system is desired. Systems from Daikin are offered that are incredibly quiet and reliable.

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