Don’t sweat! 5 items to check if your home air conditioning system is not cooling


1.Make sure your air filters are clean and clear of obstructions. If your filters are wet or ice is present at your indoor unit, do NOT operate your system. Call Hamstra Heating & Cooling for service.

2.Check to make sure that your thermostat is set for cooling mode operation and the desired temperature set-point is lower than the current indoor temperature.

3.If your thermostat requires batteries for operation, test them and replace as necessary.

4.If your system has an AquaGuard, or other condensate overflow safety device, check to see if the fault LED light is illuminated. If a condensate safety fault is present, call us for service. This indicates the presence of a drain obstruction which must be cleared prior to operating the system.Image 288

5.Make sure there are no tripped circuit breakers in your main electrical panel. DO NOT attempt to remove electrical compartment panels or fuse box covers, as these should only be removed by properly trained professionals! If a reset breaker trips again, call for service.

At Hamstra Heating & Cooling we want you to have to spend the least amount of time & money to fix your air conditioning system. If any of the above do not help to get your system cooling, please call us right away so we can get you cool quickly! We’re a call away at 520-629-9833!

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