Do yourself a favor, check & change your air conditioning filter(s) monthly

I know, I know, I know! This is something you’ve heard a thousand times. Changing the filter in you air conditioning system monthly isn’t some new and exciting message. Every blog and news article you have every read about energy efficiency or “green” homes has told you to change your filters regularly. Every heating & cooling contractor that you have dealt with has delivered the same message. But the fact remains, despite all the efforts to educate, remind, and convince homeowners to complete this simple task, clogged filters remain one of the leading causes for system underperformance and failure. Our company, Hamstra Heating & Cooling in Tucson, Arizona, runs over 250 service calls a week during the summer, and over half of those calls could have been prevented with proper filter changes and regular maintenance. The message is not being received and is costing homeowners big time.

Make a point at the first of every month to pull that old filter out of your system and inspect it. If your system uses standard paper filters or washables, hold it up to the light. If you can’t see a significant amount of light coming through, throw it away and immediately put in a new one. The average filter is less than $10, that’s a small price to pay to keep your system running efficiently and keep it running for a long time.

Want to know the average price of a repair on your heating and cooling system these days? About $300. Want to know the average price to clean a clogged coil due to improper filter maintenance? About $600 if it can be easily accessed, and $750 plus if it requires a difficult removal. How is $10 a month sounding about now? Pretty good huh? It should get even clearer when I tell you that the average full system replacement is going to run you around $8,500, if done properly by a reputable contractor. $10 a month for a filter and a couple hundred bucks a year for a proper tune-up is a drop in the bucket, and I haven’t even discussed the savings you will realize on your electrical bill from regular filter changes. Do yourself a favor, CHECK & CHANGE YOUR FILTER(s) MONTHLY.

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