Commercial Maintenance Services

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Predictive & Preventative Maintenance

State of the art preventative scheduled maintenance analysis to certify that your systems are operating at their maximum design efficiency.


  • Allows fact-based repair/replace decision analysis
  • Provides pre-test and post-repair efficiency reports

These standards are based on: The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) and Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA)


  • Accurately measures operational capacities
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Supports sound business decisions to protect your investments and enhance your ROI
  • Avoids downtime and improves Indoor Air Quality(IAQ)
  • Assists in the budgeting of new, more efficient equipment

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Hamstra offers two maintenance programs to make sure a building’s HVAC system is running properly and providing an organization with a proven process to proactively manage how its equipment is maintained and performs. Our planned maintenance programs consist of periodic inspections and seasonal related maintenance activities on building assets such as furnaces; air handling units; rooftop units; air conditioning units and evaporative coolers; variable frequency drives; compressor fans, pumps and motors and thermostatic control devices, with the goal of minimizing breakdowns and repairs and maximizing the life of your equipment.

Hamstra is ranked as the #1 HVAC Company in the entire state of Arizona – employing the most NATE certified technicians. The benefits of equipment that is properly maintained by a HVAC service company employing the most skilled and experienced technicians while demonstrating a commitment to on-going training of its workforce will ensure that your building is performing at optimum levels; delivering energy efficiency; avoiding costly repairs and downtime. NATE is governed, owned, operated and supported by the entire HVAC industry.

Facility managers agree that a planned maintenance strategy maximizes return and minimizes risk. It also helps identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency as well as issues that impact the comfort, health and safety of the occupants and the environment. A proactive maintenance program maximizes your system’s efficiency. Your operating costs remain stable. Your system’s life increases.

Your building is unique and requires a tailor-made program that fits your size, system and your budget. Hamstra’s trained technicians will perform a comprehensive inspection on each rooftop unit, complete with digital photo documentation and analysis that will serve as the objective in-data to our proposal and formal price quotation we submit to each client. Photographs will show you any specific problems and potential problems. Our commercial account representatives will discuss the various options and recommended solutions you have for addressing them. Most importantly, you will have the facts and answers you need to make intelligent business decisions concerning your HVAC equipment and facilities. Hamstra provides documented reports for what’s really happening on your rooftops.


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The key objective is to offer and ensure a comfortable, healthy workplace and protecting the environment.

Hamstra developed this criteria and established the list of tasks and activities our service technicians perform surpassing all HVAC OEM’s recommended maintenance specifications.

Hamstra offers the exact same testing activities as the Premium Plus Plan. The following cleaning activities are omitted to provide an alternative lower-cost plan:

  • Evaporative & condensing coils, blower wheels & condensate pans are excluded.
  • By offering these activities separately, you select the requested cleaning per system.

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