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2020 October Newsletter

Learn about the importance of hiring a NATE certified technician to maintain your HVAC system.

Preventative Maintenance

In most homes, the HVAC systems are among the highest priced pieces of equipment installed, and you should protect your investment. Having proper maintenance performed will maximize energy efficiency and keep utility bills low, prevent system breakdowns, prolong the operation life and maintain your system’s factory warranty coverage.

We recommend having your system serviced twice a year, ideally in the spring and fall, prior to peak usage seasons. Now is a great time to schedule your fall maintenance to be prepared when you need to turn the heat on this winter. Make sure to ask the contractor you choose if they will be sending out a NATE certified technician to perform the service.

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Our Choice Service Club Membership

Hamstra Heating & Cooling offers 3 plans for preventative maintenance that we call our Choice Service Club. Being a member of our Choice Service Club not only helps protect you from breakdowns, but also makes sure that if you experience one, you get put to the front of the list for service. Our membership includes:

  • Bi-annual inspections to maintain your system
  • Proactive recommendations to keep your system running right
  • Maintenance of manufacturer’s warranty by keeping and providing service documents
  • Proper maintenance of your system to reduce energy bills
  • Affordable options for month-to-month billing

Client Testimonial

“The technician (Daniel) that was dispatched to my home to repair my air conditioning unit presented himself with the utmost professionalism. He accurately diagnosed the problem my unit was having within 10 minutes of arrival. He showed me what he was doing every step of the way and described in detail what had gone wrong and the likely cause. He was one of the most honest professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. He had the parts with him to repair the unit. My house was back to a comfortable temperature within 30 minutes of his departure. Wonderful service, excellent experience. These guys know what they are doing.”

– Mark Selich

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