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2020 February Newsletter


With Spring right around the corner, many of us find ourselves looking for ways to freshen up our living space. We compiled a list of our top items in the home to help with your Spring cleaning. Check out these helpful tips & tricks!

Spring Cleaning Checklist


Did you know that your indoor air is dirtier than the air outside? The Air Scrubber works to replicate natures process and purify the air inside your home, improving your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

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1. The Iceman Cometh

Simple AC systems used in ancient times used ice blocks, with air manually fanned over them for cooling.

2. First Residential AC’s Were HUGE

The first fully air-conditioned home was in Minneapolis in 1914. It was 7 feet tall, 6 feet wide and 20 feet long!

3. Keeping The President Cool

Several attempts at cooling the White-House with AC systems produced inconsistent results. Herbert Hoover finally had a working central air system in 1929.

4. Pain In The Architect’s Neck

Before adoption of whole-home ductwork and central AC, architects designed high ceilings, larger windows and broader breezeways to keep air moving. With demand for AC and integrated ductwork, the architecture industry changed, accounting for modern cooling systems.

5. Window AC Units Cost How Much?!

1932 introduced the world’s first window ledge unit. Today it would have been between $120,000 to $600,000.


Hamstra Helping Hands Presents…


Come support Parent Aid and all the great they do for this community!

The event is March 7th, 2020. Doors open at 6PM.
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